Our Family Trip

June 21, 2009

Iri Iri Pasa Pasa

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This was our house at Iri iri Pasa Pasa.  This house was built as the pastors house and it serves as the church.  Presently the church has a lay pastor so the house is empty.  Jimmy and Feni came with us to interveiw it looks like they will be the new pastor at Iri Iri Pasa Pasa.

princess beds

We had to sleep under mosquito nets, they are very hot because they block any little breeze that might blow through the house.  To get the girls to sleep in them we told them that they were princess beds and they did ok.  They were just curious why the 4 boys had princess beds.

learning to weave weaving

One rainy afternoon Raina and Churie learned how to weave plates and fans out of coconut leaves.  Raina continued to weave every time she found a coconut leaf.


We had alot of fun playing Red light Green Light.

crab crab leg

One night they caught a bunch of crabs they were delicious.  Look at the size of the pincher in Geoff’s hand.

feast feast 2

The day that we left they made a huge feast we had tons of food.  They had a table set up just for us that had more food then we could eat


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