Our Family Trip

June 21, 2009

Iri Iri Pasa Pasa

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This was our house at Iri iri Pasa Pasa.  This house was built as the pastors house and it serves as the church.  Presently the church has a lay pastor so the house is empty.  Jimmy and Feni came with us to interveiw it looks like they will be the new pastor at Iri Iri Pasa Pasa.

princess beds

We had to sleep under mosquito nets, they are very hot because they block any little breeze that might blow through the house.  To get the girls to sleep in them we told them that they were princess beds and they did ok.  They were just curious why the 4 boys had princess beds.

learning to weave weaving

One rainy afternoon Raina and Churie learned how to weave plates and fans out of coconut leaves.  Raina continued to weave every time she found a coconut leaf.


We had alot of fun playing Red light Green Light.

crab crab leg

One night they caught a bunch of crabs they were delicious.  Look at the size of the pincher in Geoff’s hand.

feast feast 2

The day that we left they made a huge feast we had tons of food.  They had a table set up just for us that had more food then we could eat


June 19, 2009

The ship ride

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We loaded the ship on Sunday morning and rode all day.  We did not buy a ticket for Felicity so we were all smashed in the one row.

ship 2

While on the ship one of our favorite things was to go outside and watch the water as we sailed across it.  We did not stay outside for very long because it was to hot.  But it did add a great break from sitting.

rainbow 2


We got to see dolphins and this beautiful site as well.

We were so thankful for the calm sea.  The ten hours pasted pretty quickly and the girls did great.

June 18, 2009

Bush life

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Dear Pray Partners,

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. We really appreciate your prayers. On last Sunday, Geoff both girls and I along with the four Youth In mission guys and Jimmy and his wife Feni (they were interviewing for the Pastor job in Iri Iri Pasa Pasa) took a ship to Noro the voyage took about ten hours, the girls did great, and the seas were very calm overall it was a good trip. When we arrived at Noro it was late and we only had about 20 minutes of sunlight. We boarded a canoe and traveled for another two hours in the dark. We finally got to our destination Iriiri Pasapasa. When we arrived there we were treated like kings and queens. They had flowers all over the dock and our house. As we arrived there were lots of people to greet us and help carry our luggage. They had a house just for our family and the YIM team. When we entered the room that was for our family there were mattresses. Not only was there a mattress for Geoff and I but also one for the girls. I was about to cry. I knew that they did not have any extra mattresses and that someone had given up their own mattresses for us. They did not have enough plates for everyone so they made custom plates out of coconut leaves and banana leaves. The next morning they taught me how to weave the coconut leaves into plates and fans, I really enjoyed spending time with the women. The whole time they treated us very well and it was a humbling to be treated so highly.

Monday, we had kids service in the morning and afterwards we made balloon animals and colored just spending time playing with the kids. Another church that is about a two hour canoe paddle away, came and joined us for the evening service. Geoff preached and talked about how God has given us power over the spiritual forces at work in the Solomon Islands. That night one of the Youth In Mission team members was startled wake by a evil spirit. We all woke up and started praying and reading Scripture we battled for about an hour then everyone had peace and went back to sleep. I praise God for the power that we have through the Blood of Christ. Our church members in the Solomons battle spiritual forces and many times they don’t use the power they have in Christ to get rid of the spirits instead the spirits continue to torment their families. Tuesday morning we had another service then a feast, many of the women stayed up most of the night preparing food. After we ate and said our goodbyes we boarded the canoe and traveled to Munda.

That evening in Munda we went to show the Jesus film at a Gibson’s house. Gibson is a new convert really excited about serving God. He just enrolled in Bible College and attended his first class in May. It looks like he may be the pastor at our church in Munda. As we started the Jesus film there were only about 20-30 people there. This is a really low number and we asked why the attendance was so low. We found out that there was a politician campaigning nearby and everyone went to hear him. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that the campaign was going on the same night or something spiritual but I do know that Satan is working against the Church in the Solomons.

Wednesday we got into a huge dugout canoe (I think that we had 18 people in it) and traveled three hours to the village of Vogi. The canoe was very unstable there were many times I thought we were going to flip it. Vogi is the home town of Rodney. Rodney is also a new believer and the Sunday before we arrived was Sanctified. We traveled with him and his family to show the Jesus Film to his village. When we arrived there was no one to greet us, come to find out that Rodney’s mom was taken to the hospital that morning. We made our way up this large hill to the chief’s house (a very nice house even indoor plumbing but very old). The chief had passed away about a year ago and now his house set empty and they let us use it. Right next to the house there was a Methodist Church and the chief had been the pastor. I was a little frustrating because I had thought that we were going to a CFC (a cult) village not one that already had the truth. As I talked with the people I realized that the church doesn’t have a pastor and the CFC are taking over the village and the whole area. After we arrived they said there is just one thing, the women can’t go in this part of the house because the chief still has some “stuff” in there. Oh, by the way, the restroom is in there so the women will have to go back down the hill to the pit toilet. Geoff thought “This is great how many times tonight am I going to have to take a girl down the hill to the toilet.” That afternoon our team began to pray for the Jesus film and that we could really impact the community for Christ. Churie must have been praying for the toilet issue because they came back and said that the girls could use that part of the house. Some of the men had moved the chief’s “stuff” (it was a very small basket with spiritual significance) upstairs so the women couldn’t go upstairs but at least they could use the restroom. After doing spiritual warfare in Iri Iri Pasa Pasa and knowing that this house had possibly been used for spiritual worship we began to pray and do spiritual warfare before we were awaken in the middle of the night. As we started the service we had a good number of kids maybe 30 and about 15 adults we found out that someone had died in the village and the people were still mourning. Here in the Solomons, when someone dies the family and friends come bury the body and then they will set with the family for almost a week and do nothing. Because of this death not many people showed up and also they had sent word that we were coming but the message was not delivered well. We started the Jesus film even with the small number and then about half way through it started to rain we brought everything inside but most of the people had left we only had about seven or eight kids left. That night as we went to sleep all slept with no incident.

When we got up the next morning we headed back to Munda in the rather large shaky canoe . The driver decided to take a short cut and instead of going through the lagoon like we had came he decided to take the open sea. The sea was not really rough, but there was a strong current and large swells. Every time we went up and down a swell it felt like the canoe was going to tip. At one point we rocked so far that the lip of the canoe touched surface of the water and water splashed all over me. As I looked for the closest escape route if we tip I realized that we were about half a mile to a mile to the nearest shore and that the shore had cliffs that the waves were crashing against them. It was a miracle that we did not end up in the water. I was so thankful for the assurance of a life jacket. About one hour after we arrived in Munda, it started to pour with strong winds and I was so thankful that we were in Munda and not on the sea in the shaky canoe.

Thursday night, Jimmy (the Jesus film Director) and Alick (the Pastor in Munda) took the Jesus film to a nearby village. Alick had made plans to show the film but when they arrived there had been a large fight and they could not watch the film because they were still trying to work out the disagreement. Alick and Jimmy tried to help reconcile the parties and prayed with them then returned home without showing the film.

On Friday, we went down to the market to do market evangelism. We took the Jesus film equipment and used the mike speakers to preach to the people in the market. This type of evangelism has a big impact here in the Solomon Islands. One of our pastors was saved through market evangelism. We sang some songs and then the Youth In Mission (YIM) team preached a little and gave there testimonies. It was very hot to be standing outside and we did not see anyone accept the Lord, but we did here a lot of good reports through the grape vine or through the bush rope whatever it is called here.

Friday evening we went to the church and played soccer and then planned a service afterwards. Alick told us to walk to the church and he would meet us at the church with the lights and generator for service. We had about thirty kids there to play soccer but Alick was held up with other problems and showed up with the lights well after dark. We were a little frustrated because about half of the kids left. We went to one of the church member’s house which had security lights and had the service under the security lights. This was a great time of worship and the teens really enjoyed the Youth In Mission group. On Saturday, we had a service in the morning played soccer afterwards and then in the evening we had another service. There were about 40 teens and kids who attended the services. On Sunday morning, there were a lot of the teens that had come Friday and Saturday. It was very exciting to see all those teen in church. The church in Munda is very new and does not have many teens attending, some of the teens attend other churches but hopefully God will use the time we spent there to grow the Church. Geoff preached on Sunday morning he spoke on the dualism of cultural spirits and Christianity and how the spirits that have controlled the islands for thousands of years have no power over Christ and Christian should not rely on cultural spirit but on Christ. We had one man come forward and pray. Pray that He will use his authority as a son of God over the demonic forces in his life. After Church we had a huge dinner and lots of BBQ fish we finished about 3:00pm.

After church we decided to go on a hike to see a waterfall. This was a refreshing break to the busy week we had. The hike was not very long, but it was very muddy. When we got to the waterfall there was a big pool that was so wonderful to swim in and the best part was that the water was cold and felt great on a hot day.

On Sunday evening the teens that we had met had walked around town and found the house that we were staying at. They came in our house and played some games with us. It was really cool to see these kids find us and want to spend more time with us before we left.

Also on Sunday evening, we had got word that our return ship did not leave Honiara. That pretty much left us to take the slow ship home, meaning that instead of a ten hour boat ride and arrive on Monday morning, we would be on a ship for more than 24 hours, and not get home until Wednesday morning. We started calling around to see if we could get on the slow ship and realized that the slow ship was headed even farther west and would not reach Honiara until Friday morning and our next camp started on Thursday in Honiara. Later on that night we found out that the slow ship had also had engine problems and was stuck at a port(they did get it fix but it delayed them one more day) We called the airport and to fly home it cost a lot more money and they were fully booked until Wednesday. We decided to get up early Monday morning and fly standby to try and get at least Raina, Felicity and me on the plane. I really needed to get home and get things situated before Mom and Dad left on Tuesday. Sunday night to Monday morning it had rained all night. When we got to the airport they had three cancelations. We were so happy to hear that at least the girls and I would get home on Monday. Felicity was able to ride on my lap, which meant that we could get another person on the plane. Before we left we found out that the plane was light so they let Raina set on my lap and Felicity on one of our team members lap and we could get another person on that plane. It was a miracle for us to be able to get five out of the ten of us out on the plane on Monday morning. Geoff and the other two Youth In Mission team members along with Feni finally made it home Wednesday morning. Feni had left her five kids with her cousin and the youngest is under a year old to go interview, we helped her fly home because we were unsure when the next ship would arrive because all the ship that service the area are either having engine problems or broke down. I just got a call from Jimmy and it looks like he will be coming home Saturday pray that the ship does not have any more engine problems.

The trip had some great times and some frustrating times. It was great to meet and visit with other people. It is frustrating to plant seeds and not always get to see the harvest or any of the harvest.

Continue to pray for use as we travel around with the YIM team. We have a very busy schedule. I think that I sent out a more detailed schedule in the previous letter.

This week we are having youth services Thursday-Saturday here in Honiara. We just finished our first service and it went really well the kids really opened up to the YIM team.

Next week we are going to Malata. We will be there for two week at four different churches. Mage, Nazareth, Kualitutu and Beri. There is a good chance that we will see spiritual opposition at these churches.

When we return from Malata we are going to Macedonia it is about thirty minutes from Honiara. There might be some problems with this church and the youth camp pray that everything works out and we will be able to minister there.

We are trying to get pictures from this trip posted on our blog and it should be done in the next couple of days. If anyone would like to go and see these pictures, our blog address is geoffandchurie.wordpress.com. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

The Millers

May 31, 2009

Upcoming Events for this summer

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Dear Prayer Supporters,

 Thank you for all of your prayers these last couple of weeks. Raina and I just returned from Australia a week ago and have hit the ground running. We are in the last week of Bible college class and it is going great. The two classes that are offered are the life and teachings of Jesus and Christian Worship. God is really moving and working in the lives of the students/pastors. God is also moving in the local church the presence of God filled the Sunday morning service and the alters were full. Sunday night four of the Bible college student preached for an assignment and afterwards we had a great time of testimony. The service lasted from 5:30 till 8:30 and many stayed and fellowship till 9:30 or 10:00.

Churie and Felicity returned to the Solomons on Friday. Felicity’s doctor said that her ears look great. Pray that God will keep her from any further ear infections. It is great to have the family together once again.

Please pray for the church here in Honiara it looks like the doors are opening up for us to plant a church in White River it is a suburb. Pray that God will guide and direct us. We have showed the Jesus film in the area a couple of times in the past and there is a lady that has been asking one of our members when we are coming back. She says that she has a tent already for us to worship in. A few of the men are going to try and make contact with her and see if we can have a service there on Sunday nights. We have a few people that live in this area that bus into our church every week, one of them is a Bible college student and has been a pastor. Pray that doors would continue to open and that the Church in the Solomons will continue to grow.

God really provided for us while we were in Australia and we made some great friends. We stayed at the Nazarene Bible College at Brisbane. I volunteered around the campus, mostly I worked in one of the professor’s house that had some termite damage and I laid ceramic tile in the kitchen and dinning room. They had replaced the kitchen cabinets because of termites and the new cabinets were smaller then the original so the old vinyl tiles did not cover the floor. When it was all done they were very pleased with the job. It was a blessing because the college did not charge us for the room or the use of their vehicle. They are also talking to us about working full time for the college next year. Pray for my family as we try and find Gods will for us during the next year.

On my way home, I met a young man in the airport in Brisbane and we started talking. He is working at Munda (one of the churches that the YIM team will be visiting) and is from Roviana lagoon. Roviana Lagoon is a very strong CFC (a cult) community. The pastor at Munda has a real burden for the CFC communities and the YIM team is planning to take the Jesus film into some of these communities around Munda and possibly even into the Roviana lagoon. Alick the Pastor at Munda has made a few contacts into the lagoon but this young man is just another possible entry into that community and area.

Pray for the YIM team (youth in mission). We have four college guys coming on June 2nd and will be here till July 21st. Mom and Dad will be gone most of that time to General Assembly so Churie and I will be directing the team. The schedule is going to be very busy. We will be going to five churches for a three to four day youth camps and then three or four other churches for a one day service. Here is a rough schedule.

• Munda, New Georgia Island from June 7-15, a new church plant. The pastor is Alick Hagi. We will take the Jesus Film equip. and hold youth services. While there we will visit Iriiri Pasapasa Church on the island of Kohigo. We are planning to take the Jesus film to the CFC community {a cult}. We’re praying for a breakthrough there. We will also do market evangelism. The church in Munda just started in February.

• Zion from June16-21, this is the local church here in Honiara. We will be holding youth and children camps.

• We will travel to the island of Malaita

• Mage/Nazareth June 23-24: we will hold combined services at these two churches and try to reach out to the youth in the surrounding community.

• Kwailatutu June 25-28: This is where Jimmy and Miriam Olofisau are now pastoring. We will hold services there for youth, children, and adults. This is a church of primarily young men. We may hike to another church and if so we will be some of very few white people to ever visit and possibly the first white to ever spend the night there. It is a 12 hour hike to Ote village and I am not sure we will do that. This would be primitive! All they have in Ote is the Proclaimer and a visit every fortnight from a young man from Kwailatutu.

 • Beri June29-July 5 we will travel straight from Kwailatutu. We might have to overnight on the way depending on transportation. Beri is off the beaten trail.

• Macedonia the week of July 9-12 this is a church on Guadalcanal near Honiara.

• Zion Christian Academy July 13, 17 we will hold chapel services.

• YIM team leaves July 21

Please pray for us during these next few weeks. Pray that God will use this team and touch people’s lives. We will probably have spiritual and physical opposition in many of these places. Pray for safe travel and that we can find transport. Many times the ships cancel or there is no truck or no canoe, so we might wait a day or two to find the next ride.

In the village many times outsiders get sick because of the water or malaria. Pray that we stay healthy so that we will be able to function effectively. Churie and the girls will be going with us to Munda and Kwalitutu pray that they will enjoy the time and be able to minister to the women and the kids. Pray especially for good health.

The Millers

May 23, 2009

Lamington National Park

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On Saturday we decided to take another trip.  We drove to Lamington National Park and it was beautiful.  We packed our lunch and decided to have a picnic.  As you can see the turkeys decided to join us.  The car door is open because Raina and Lissy did not want the turkeys to join us.  Daddy would shew them away and then the turkeys would come right back.  The girls decided it was safer to eat in the car. 


geoff and tree



This is Geoff inside the tree.  This particular tree starts up high in the air and grows down.  Then vines take over and kill the original tree and the only thing that is left is the vines.  Geoff is sitting in the vines and when you looked up the tree is hollow.  Someone we meet, told us that at night it is amazing to take a flash light and shine it in there because it looks like a light house and light shines through all these little holes. 




tree top bridge



One of the reasons why we chose this park was because of the tree top bridge.  This bridge was really neat.  The girls had a lot of fun walking across it and it was really neat to get to see the view.  At one point on the bridge they had a ladder that you could climb to the next level of trees.


  Raina had decided to go up the ladder.  I  was so proud of her.  climb

There was a boy about the same age as Raina waiting for his dad to come down. the view He watched Raina climb this ladder and then his mom said if that little girl can do it you can to.  So he decided he would try and climb the ladder as well.  At the top of the ladder was  a platform with a beautiful view.   




After the tree top bridge we decided to take the girls on a hike.  The hike was about 6 miles and we were not sure how the girls would do but decided to try it anyways.   

raina tarzantired

swing 2

After the long hike one of us was very tired.

At the end of our hike we finally saw what made it all worth it.  God’s creation is so amazing and wonderful!waterfall

While we were hiking we had to cross a few areas with water and rocks.  Raina was crossing and her foot slipped and she feel in the water and the back of her legs got all wet.  I felt so bad for her.  She was wet and cold and we still had the hike back.  I was sure the hike back was going to have some whining because it was a long way, but know that she was wet I was sure it would be bad.  But she did not whine at all.  She was a real trooper.  This hike was a big blessing for us. 

Once we get back to Honiara we will be going out to the bush for youth camps and there will be some hiking involved.  One of the hikes will be really difficult.  I was a little concerned about how the girls would do with the hikes, but now I know that they can do it and am really looking forward to it.

Not all fun and games

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While we have been in Australia it has not all been fun and games.  There has also been some work involved.  We were able to work out a deal with the college.  Geoff would do some work for them in exchange for our room.  This has been a great deal for both of us.  The college had some work that needed to be done and this saved us some money.  Geoff worked on putting tile in the kitchen and entry way of one of the professors houses.  He did a great job.  The college has really enjoyed having him around and will miss his help.  They also let us use the van for just the price of gas.  It was a huge blessing.

workwork in Aussiework in

Family Fun Day in Australia

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As you already know we are all in Australia.  This trip was not planned, but we are trying to make the most of it.  It has been a huge blessing to all be here and to take some time to relax and enjoy the nice views. 

ziplinezipline 3










We decided to take the girls to a park and let them play.  This was so exciting because in Honiara we do not have a playground and just the simple swing was a huge hit.  Yes all the girls had fun! 

 We loved the free zoo!




The zoo had lots of lizards, which we see everywhere, but this one was very big and thought he was picture worthy.  I really thought that my nephews and other little boys would get a great kick out of looking at the size of this lizard.  He was huge!




black swan





Some pretty animals we saw




kang 2



We did not have to go to the zoo to see this animal, but they had them at the zoo.  We have been staying at the Nazarene Theological College and they have 25 acres of land.  On this land we see wallaby’s everywhere.   They will let you get really close to them.  We are enjoying this new site.  Felicity loves to watch the joeys in there pouch.  Her and daddy play a new game and she runs and jumps in daddy’s arms and he carries her around hoping like a wallaby.  It is so funny!


lissy and bird




While at the zoo Felicity saw this bird right by her and was very fascinated with it.  She watched and watched the bird.  She started to talk to the bird and the bird just stared and stared at her.  Then the bird head butted the cage and it scared Lissy and she was done talking to him.




The park  also had a beautiful garden area and we got some great pictures of our little ones.  All together is was a wonderful day and a much needed break.






They are really growing up way to fast!

May 13, 2009

News Letter Update

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Dear Prayer supporters,

These last few months have been really crazy we had two and a half weeks of bible college class then towards the end of that Felicity had a bad ear infection and fought it for a few weeks and ended up flying to Australia for treatment for a week.  Then Churie and Felicity were back one week and my uncle passed away and I flew to the states for two weeks.  Then a few days before I flew home Felicity had another ear infection.  I have been home 5 days and it looks like Felicity will be going back to Australia.  There has been a lot going on since our last letter and I want to thank you for all of your prayers during this time they have been very needed and appreciated. 

My uncle Wesley Miller passed away on April 1st.  George and I flew back to the states for the funeral.  Uncle Wes was like a second father to me since my dad was on the mission field.  The funeral was a very good tribute to his life and to Christ who he served in ministry for twenty five years.  During that time he touched many people which was evident of the 800 plus that attended the services.  We spent a very busy two weeks in the states.  For me it was way too long to be away from my family.  We arrived back in the Solomons on April 22.  Now we are trying to pick up everything that was dropped when we left. 

While we were gone I had planned a fun day for the kids on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.  Churie was left to try and finish organizing it as well as her normal schedule.  She said it turned out good.  She had about 50 to 60 kids show up but she and Nancy were the only adults that were there.  The town owns a huge inflatable and we set it up and had a lot of people come and enjoy it.  One of Churie’s students came and then came to church on Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  We had never seen her at church before.   

We are also working on a dormitory room for Bible college students as well as a storage room for the Jesus film equipment and a few tools that are being stored in the bible college class room. 

The week before I left we had our first Sunday school class on parenting.  During Bible College I saw a need and a desire for a Christian parenting class.  Churie and I decided to teach a Sunday school class on parenting.  We were planning on teaching it during the regular SS hour.  However we had a lot of the SS teachers that were interested in coming so we had to push the time back to the hour after SS.  So our Sunday schedule consists of church from 9:00-12:00 then SS from 12:00-1:00 then the parenting class from 1:00-2:30 then church at 5:30 at least we do still have a little bit of time for a Sunday afternoon nap.  I have been reading a lot of books on parenting trying to prepare for this class and it seems the more I read the less I know.  Pray for us as we try and create S.S.  curriculum to help the Church here to train children to be strong Christians.  As we teach this class we are trying to write a curriculum to use on the district.  It is hard to teach parenting in a different culture that we do not see or understand much of the parent child relationship.  Pray that we can us scripture to show godly principles to parenting that will transcend culture.

Since our Sunday schedule is very long and it is not geared towards kids Raina is having a hard time going to church and sitting still for three hours.  She has done very well with the change in church but it is taking a toll on her.  I think that many of the local kids have the same problem they come to church but usually during the sermon they leave and go play outside.  I would really like to try and start Children’s church but I am not sure if I have the time and energy to start something else.  I would like to try and find someone that would help with children church.  So that Churie and I could train and mentor someone and they could take over children’s church after we left.  

While we were in the states it looks like the school will be getting a grant for a new school building.  This will add much needed space for more class rooms and more students.  I am hoping to use the construction of this new building to teach a class on construction.  Pray that the grant will go through without much red tape.

We have another bible college class starting on May 13th.  The two classes that we are offering are Christian Worship and Life of Christ.  If we are back from Australia I will be teaching the Christian Worship class and helping with the Life of Christ.  Pray that God would lead and direct us as we teach these young pastors. 


Prayerfully yours


Geoff Miller and Family

Palm Sunday

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palmspalm sunday








Palm Sunday was very special and different for us.  Because we have lots of Palm trees in our area they took palm leaves and put them up all around the church and decorated things.  It was really neat to enter the church and have it all decorated this way. 


palm 2









Evenone was suppose to bring a palm leaf or a  bright cloth to church with them.  When we got there we all had to go outside and the pastor had us all line up.  Once we were outside we were put in lines and you took your palm leaves and waved them and sang a song that said “Hosanna, blessed be His name”  and eveyone went into the church.  This was completely different than anything that we had ever done, but was really incrediable.


kids program


The children in the church also did an Easter program.  One kid dressed up like a donkey and Jesus rode the donkey into town.  Raina had a line in the program she had to go and untie the donkey and say “the master needs it”  Then they had all the kids wave their bright cloths and Palm leaves.  It was really neat. 




May 10, 2009

Uncle Wes

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Geoff’s uncle Wesley Miller was very special to all of us.  We will really miss him.  This was one of the hardest funerals for Geoff to attend, but he is very grateful for the chance to attend.  His uncle was a cowboy and had a huge witness with the trail rides that he did.  We will miss him greatly. 



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